There Once Was A King
Is all about
Helping kids understand
How sin entered the world
In the garden of Eden
And separated God from man

The book addresses
The serpent’s temptation
And what comes as a result
Of deceiving God… er… “The King”
And arguing over who is at fault

The book explains 
Salvation and Scripture,
How mankind is again restored
To fellowship with their Creator, the King
And it rhymes so that kids won’t get bored

There Once Was A King | Available on Kindle!

Let's imagine that you and I are out chatting over a cup of coffee, and you ask me "what did you learn in your first year of motherhood?" I'd hand you this book.

This book is all about the main practical things I learned in my first year of motherhood, complete with a few guest posts, and references for even more helpful information! How do I travel with my baby on a plane? What do I need to have on hand for breastfeeding or bottle feeding? What about when I'm sick?

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