Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Genreal Conference 2014

I had the privilege of serving as the drama coordinator for the Word of Life Genreal Conference in Ohio a few weeks ago!  Genreal (combination of genuine/real) is a conference for teen girls and those who influence them (i.e. their moms and/or youth leaders).   Such a cool experience, and I was truly honored to have the opportunity to serve alongside of some of my dearest college friends and some new friends, too!  Here are some pictures that I yanked from Facebook.  My hubby took a few, too.

I'm posted the ones with me in them, primarily for my parents who want to know what I was doing while I was home in Ohio and yet not with them for several days!  Look mom, I really was at a conference! ;p  You can also check out more pictures and videos under #genreal on Facebook and Instagram!

Ice breakers in our rubber boots!  We broke it down to the song "Happy" by Pharrell Williams!  (Mom, I'm the one in the white sweater)
Ah, the set was gorgeous.  

A skit called "The Father's Love."  Such powerful words.
I'm on the far left, Marchelle is in the middle, and Sierra is on the right. 

A skit called "Wash Feet."  Jamie is on the far left, I'm in the middle, and Hope is on the right.

Abby and Hope rocked this skit called "God Doesn't Like Me."  

This is me looking at some sort of paper while directing people around.  It was nice of them to listen to me!  

Our AMAZING drama team!  These ladies blessed me so much.  Together, we were apart of 13 skits!

This is our conference team minus the tons of behind-the-scenes workers who did an incredible job!

Things I learned from Genreal:

-I will likely never spell the word "general" correctly ever again.  

-There are some people in this world that you can go 5 years without seeing or talking much with, then pick up right back where you started, like no time has elapsed at all.  I'm lucky to have those people in my life.

-God works in miraculous ways.  And His ways are not our ways.  We did the very best we could.  We forgot lines, missed steps, got sick, ran around trying to remember  when and where we entered and exited, what scene was next, ultimately to creatively communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We had some mess ups.  At times our 'mistakes' actually communicated better.  That's the coolest thing about ministry.  It's not about getting it all down perfectly, because God will use whatever He wants to use to draw people to Himself.

-I never want to be in the tech booth.  Most. Stressful. Job. Ever.  *Standing ovation for all tech people everywhere*

-Women can get along.  There were a lot of us.  And we had a couple of really long days together.  We were tired.  And we still got along.  When people annoyed each other, we made it right and moved on.  Because we had a central purpose.  So cool.

-There was a lot of really great teaching at the conference and the biggest thing that I took away was how important it is for people to know that you are for them.  Especially my family, primarily my husband, then my daughter, my friends, those I disciple/counsel.  They need to know I'm their biggest cheerleader.  I hope to prayerfully grow in this area.

Here are the upcoming conference dates.  If you live close to either of these areas and work in youth ministry, are a teen, or a momma of a teen girl, I highly recommend checking it out!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Niagara Falls Adventures Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our adventure at Niagara Falls.  Thanks to Groupon, we got a super sweet deal for a falls view room at the Marriott (on the Canadian side).   It included a bunch of food vouchers.  Thanks, Groupon :)

Our view from our hotel room.

Chandelier in our hotel lobby.  I thought it was pretty.  Did I mention we had a Starbucks in our hotel lobby?  Unfortunately, I didn't take a picture of that.  But, it was just as cool.

Dairy free/gluten free breakfast by the falls!

Family picture in our hotel room.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Have you ever seen the end of a rainbow? Part 1

My family and I had a little getaway at Niagara Falls!  It's gorgeous during the off season.  One of the coolest parts?  We saw a rainbow!  Up close and personal.  Prepare yourself for a lot of pictures.  Can you really take too many pictures of a rainbow? 

This is the end of the rainbow!  Perhaps the pot of gold is hiding underneath the snow?

Me and the hubs!  Can you see the rainbow behind us?

The sun came out!

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