Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Express Joy

I sat through the party thinking "I am terrible at this…"  I love art.  I love crafts.  I love diy.  So, I should be able to make cards, right??  This card-making party should be right up my ally!  But as I stamped and clamped, struggled with glue dots, and could not decide what coloured paper to use, I knew card making was not my thing.  

I came home to my husband after the card making party that night and said "I hate card making."  His response was something along the lines of "Good, we'll save lots of money."  True story.

I may dislike making card, but I enjoy giving cards.  There is just something about finding the perfect card for someone. It communicates "you are special to me" in a unique sort of way.

Luckily, I have a dear friend who is amazing (and I mean amazing) at card making.   Listen.  This girl is so. stinkin. creative.  I do not know how she does it.  She custom made the two cards pictured above-and another one not pictured- just for me!  For the one on the left, I said something along the lines of "purple and gardening" and voila!  That's what she came up with!  For my biker babe hubby- I said "red and motorcycle" and wow- that's what she gave me.  

You should check out Sarah's Etsy shop, Express Joy, here. She does custom orders!
She's also very witty with her words and blogs at Pursuing Expressions of Joy.
Be sure to show Sarah some love on her Facebook Page.

(Fun Fact: Joy is her middle name- see how she worked that in there?? Clever lady.)

Monday, July 7, 2014

sishies everywhere


Not to be confused with sushi….

We went to the Aquarium on Canada Day. 

Things are so exciting through the eyes of someone who's been in this world for such a short time.  Absolutely everything is new, which renews my excitement for the most basic things.  

Like, fish. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

*Gasp* Now you know my real name!

This has become the year of me trying new things.  From blogging, to publishing ebooks, learning photography, starting an Etsy shop and then closing that Etsy shop, and all of the things in between.  I've appreciate the freedom I've had to try & fail and try & succeed, to redefine what success and failure mean in my life right now, and to experiment with new ideas.

Will you then be shocked if I tell you that I'm trying something new?  hehe :)

What I didn't write about was how obsessed I became with Jamberry Nails after I received that sample in March…. I found myself talking about it all. the. time.  (My hubby is nodding his head...)  I hosted a party in April.  Then, I became a consultant in May!  Here's why:

Jamberry Nails are a heat activated adhesive that last for up to 2 weeks on your fingernails and up to 6 weeks on your toes.  There are over 300 designs.  The are #JAMazing.  But really… they are.  Here's a few pictures of what I've had on my hands these past few months:

French Tip & Vintage Chic
Feminine Flair & Rose Gold

Mint Chevron

Kiss Me Ombre

**If you are in the USA and wish to order from me, follow these steps:

**If you are in Canada, follow these steps:

Contact me with any questions!

Email: jheik.jams@gmail.com

*gasp* now you know my real name ;p 

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